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No issue the purpose, On Christmas 2012 – 2013 children really like being given toys and games as presents. They always have a lot of toys and games they'd really like to have. The only issue is how many of the toys and games really don't task the kid at all, intellectually, actually or otherwise. I'm a big believer in purchasing toys and games for children that they'll appreciate and will task them. That they don't know they want that toy yet is just a extra. It's excellent seeing a kid find out just how awesome a toy they never observed of really is. Finding these toys and games is a bit more complicated at periods. Take something like Capsela, which isn't even created any longer. You fairly much have to buy it on eBay or find out it at a yard purchase or music store by opportunity. Kids don't know to ask for it. Every kid I've presented to Capsela has liked it, even if they don't know what they're doing as they develop with it. I think it's excellent. It's not promoted, no well-known tv figures are published on the box or the toy itself, and it can be used to develop many different factors. Assemble it just right, and it even goes. You can also store for toys and games that will task children actually. A bicycle, motorcycle, skate board, inline skates, whatever. They may not you should ask for them, but if there's an excellent position for these to be used, they'll probably get some very excellent use. Then you've delivered another kid gladly from the TV and pc displays and gotten them to perform outside more. The issue I have with a lot of well-known toys and games is that they don't task the children. There's a set way to perform and too little space for creativeness. On Christmas 2012 – 2013 some children get innovative anyhow, which is amazing. But it's better yet to provide them toys and games that motivate that creativeness. How do you find out these toys and games that are fun yet challenging? Think returning to your own child years. What were the best toys? Many are still available now. You can also walk the toy store or sites and see which toys and games you wish you could have performed with or wouldn't thoughts enjoying with now. From there you can choose which are most likely to be experienced by the kid you're purchasing on Christmas 2012 - 2013. That's key. The presents you provide aren't going to be experienced if you don't consider who you're providing them to, or at least not as much. Age varies on the box are a reasonable information, but consider if the kid you're purchasing for too. A kid who has never designed something with toys and games before will not be prepared for a complicated development toy. Something easier may perform better. While I'm not a fan of extremely labeled toys and games, it's not always the scariest factor. If that's what it requires to create a complicated toy exciting, so be it. Just don't buy toys and games that won't task your children just because they have a preferred personality.